Join the cyber

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Cyberattacks can destroy lives

Cyberattacks destroy trust

Years of hard-earned trust reduced to rubble in an instant.

When trust is lost, reputations crumble, and can ruin the lives of business owners and their customers overnight.

People deserve to feel safe and secure in the knowledge their valuable and sensitive data is protected from the inside out.

Cybersecurity is not enough

At some point cybersecurity software will fall short.

Only cyber resilience plans, practices, and the right training will help you defeat the cybercriminals.

This is what it is to be cyber resilient, to be part of the Cyber Resistance.

Become cyber resilient

Our use of assessments & training systems, combined with up to the minute experience, make you cyber resilient.

And we provide you with an online verifiable certification, so you can show the world that your number one priority is the protection of customer and organisational information.

stand above the crowd with our cyber resilience certifications & training for individuals & organisations

Individual training

Cyber threats are ever evolving, and you need to evolve with them.

We’ll evaluate your current cyber resilience skills, and then give you a personalised curriculum of courses to hone those skills.

But you’re busy. We understand that. That’s why our training is delivered online, split up into monthly, easy to absorb, bite-sized lessons.

Designed for non-technical individuals, managers, or board members who want to improve their cyber resilience.

Individual certification

Stand out from the competition by demonstrating that you take cyber resilience seriously.

We’ll assess your cyber resilience skills and give you a certificate that shows employers and clients that you can be trusted to protect customer and organisational information.

Designed for non-technical individuals, managers, or board members who want to certify their cyber resilience.

Organisation certification

Customers want to work with organisations who are vigilant with their information.

We’ll assess your organisational and team members’ cyber resilience and give you a certificate to reassure customers that your number one priority is the protection of their private and sensitive information.

Designed for small to medium organisations who want to assess, certify, and improve their cyber resilience.

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